I saw a Moose

Former half-governor Palin, no not Todd the other one, turned up on that channel that purports to be “News”, yah, that one, to lay into Michelle Obama’s defense of Barrack’s presidency. As she said to Hannity, “Oh Lord. Oh Lord! Are we just numbskulls out here in the heartland of America? Just a bunch of numbskulls who can’t read the unemployment numbers and see that 5 trillion dollars in new debt later under her husband, President Obama, five trillion dollars more, and we still have fewer jobs today than we had before he took over.” Alaska? Heartland? Be that as it may. Usually one invokes the Lord once in a prayer, I’m guessing that Palin is trying to get God’s attention by repeating it twice. I don’t want to say the former half-governor is factually challenged but….look it up. I’m not going to “Google” for ya.

You’re probably asking yourself two questions, one, are you a numbskull? and two Sarah who? If you want to answer the first you need to be a part of the uninformed electorate, you know, those people who get their “facts” from Fox, then, I guess you’re a numbskull. And to answer the second one is that Palin is so jealous of the Obamas, especially the First Lady she will say almost anything to put them down. The last time I recall was her very petty criticism of the White House Christmas card because it didn’t have a Christmas tree in it. Is Armageddon just around the corner? (ed. note…everyone especially numbskulls knows there was a decorated Christmas tree in the stable…sheeesh) In spite of all these weenie attempts at whining from Todd’s wife,  Michelle Obama’s popularity rating is in the 60%+ range while Sarah Palin’s popularity is in the 20%- range. Why should we even listen to somebody that is so far out of the mainstream of thought from the rest of us Americans? Alas, we do. I guess it’s a fear of being forgotten or becoming irrelevant that Sarah rears her head every once in a while to jump into something she knows very little about just so we can call her a numbskull. (I guess any name is better than no name). Wait….she is irrelevant. I stand corrected.

and so it goes….