No teleprompter this time. This morning it was Mitt unplugged with Matt Lauer (of the Today Show). Mitt claims that bitching about Wall Street and financial institutions in general is a result of envy. (read…”You’re a loser, my friend”) So anyone who has concerns or question about the the balance of wealth and power is just plain envious and engaged in Class

my friend

warfare. Huh? Come again? This is an argument? When the people question how the financial institutions make their money (by playing with money) it is akin to “unAmericanism?” and sour grapes? “Out of Touch” is the only way I can describe this buffoon. With his five non-military sons behind him like a group from Motown, last night Romney laid into Obama as a “foreigner” and out of touch with American ideals. Nay nay, Mr. Bain, you are very out of touch with American values…I mean the core American values of justice, fair play and freedoms. The list goes on and on…

Continuing on the Today Show, he said that it really wasn’t necessary to have a public debate about the inequality of wealth distribution in the land as he said, “I think it’s fine to talk about those things in quiet rooms and discussions about tax policy and the like,” Romney said. “But the president has made this part of his campaign rally. Everywhere he goes we hear him talking about millionaires and billionaires and executives and Wall Street. It’s a very envy-oriented, attack-oriented approach and I think it’ll fail.” What is disturbing is the “quiet rooms” remark which is the type of non-transparent discussion that has plagued this democracy for decades. Will you be invited to these quiet discussions? Will mine-workers and laid-off Union works be invited? Probably….not

If Romney is the best the Republicans can offer up, then the Obamas will not be hiring a U-Haul anytime soon.

and so it goes….