Ah, yah, yup

The polling in New Hampshire seems to be changing. By the time most people read this the actual polls will be open in Dixville Notch at Midnight and the fun begins. After Saturday’s “Meet the Press” debate, John Huntsman confronted Mitt Romney over two things, one overt and one covert. The issue surrounded serving one’s country and the Obama administration.

As John Huntsman said, “I was criticized last night by Gov. Romney for putting my country first,” Huntsman said. “He criticized me while he was out raising money, for serving my country in China, yes under a Democrat, like my two sons are doing in the United States Navy. They’re not asking what political affiliation the president is.”

“I will always put my country first and I think that’s important,” Huntsman said.

In a very very petty way Romney essentially repeated his assertion that serving as an ambassador under a president of the opposite political party is an unworthy undertaking.

“I think we serve our country first by standing for people who believe in conservative principles and doing everything in our power to promote an agenda that does not include President Obama’s agenda,” Romney said. “The decision to go to work for President Obama is one which you took, and I don’t — I respect your decision to do that. I just think it’s most likely that the person who should represent our party running against President Obama is not someone who called him a remarkable leader and went to be his ambassador in China.”

Huntsman shot back immediately: “This nation is divided because of attitudes like that.”

Appallause followed. It’s true. That was the overt critique of Romney. The last part of his first response talking about his two sons was a slap at Romney’s 5 boys, none of whom have served in the Armed Forces. I’ll let you take away what that’s all about… Stay tuned. Romney will probably win tomorrow, but eventually he will lose.

and so it goes…