Could you repeat that...I missed it

First Herman goes and now Michele? Really?? What will we do?? What will God do?…or does God just have a wicked sense of humor? Did he tell Michele he wanted her to run for the presidency and then whisper “Just kidding” and she missed it? It’s possible. How come the rest of us (indeed the entire planet) knew it was just a silly joke?…well that’s what God told me anyway. Speaking of God, Pat Robertson told us that God actually told him who would be the next president. Pat’s not telling, presumably after Herman and Michele told everyone that God pushed them toward the race he chose to keep quiet…just in case. Wouldn’t you want to know? My guess that it’s not a Mormon whom evangelicals think is a cult (Huntsman and Romney are Mormon), not a Catholic whom evangelicals think may be idolatry (Newt and Santorum are Catholic). Soooooooo that leaves Paul or Perry. What do you think? I can’t think of anyone else, there is no one in the wings. Unless, unless…there might be an independent out there someplace who’s NOT a Republican? Wow! Imagine!

These things always bring out the God-factor in people. It’s as if God only works for the Republicans. As this fractured circus moves forward I will take a closer look at “front runners.” But with Herman and Michele out of the race where are the clowns, bring in the clowns.

and so it goes…