Today is December 14,2011 –And one of the readings for today comes from Luke:“In that hour he cured many of diseases and plagues and evil spirits, and on many that were blind he bestowed sight.” (Luke 7:21). Let the healing begin! This time of year, actually anytime of year is a good time for healing.

The President announced that the rest of our troops deployed in Iraq would be home by the end of the month. Surprised? It was George Bush who said in 2008 that the last of our troops would be out in 2011. This is 2011 isn’t it? Meanwhile Dick “undisclosed location” Cheney’s daughter is concerned that the “U.S. has snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.” Does anyone really know what that means? I didn’t think so. After over 4000 American lives plus over 32,000 injured and who knows how many civilian lives on a war that should never have been waged, isn’t time to say, “We won!” and bring them home? Probably to make himself feel better about Iraq, Dick commented that the government  in Iraq  is an emerging democracy and is “not perfect by any means, but they clearly are much better off than when Saddam Hussein was in charge.” At what cost Mr. Cheney? We didn’t go into Iraq to create a democracy. But you and I both know this, don’t we?

So the time for healing is upon us and will continue as long as any of us need healing. So what have you done today to heal the world? What has Dick done?

and so it goes…