Zero Tolerance

Today is December 2, 2011- The reading for today is from the Prophet Isaiah “And those who err in spirit will come to understanding, and those who murmur will accept instruction.” (Isaiah 29:24) With all the erring and murmuring going on, there is hope that eventually they will come around. Trump who strung most of us (those who didn’t get the joke at the beginning) is going to moderate a GOP “forum” on the 27th. What is it with this guy anyway? He reminds me of a Paris Hilton all murmur and no substance. Anyway, that’s the next debate, #435 in a series. I guess the erring of Herman Cain has finally caught up with him, lady friend number 999, (it seems) has caused him to ground himself with his wife for a face-to-face. Confidentially, I hope he stays in the hunt. He provides us with so much convoluted logic and snappy comebacks that he will be missed if he drops out.
All the murmuring from the low-tier candidates is becoming more like a whisper. Newt is telling his followers that to get rid of poverty one only need to work. It is a typical black and white (literally and figuratively) response from the gilded tower. This follows on his remark about the “Occupy” movement when he so succinctly said that they should bathe first and then go look for a job. As distasteful as that remark is, it follows a pattern of what the so-called Party of Lincoln stand for. (Lincoln would be a Democrat if he was alive today, by the way).

Time to stop the murmuring and erring and to get it right. We, the people, demand it.

and so it goes…