Advent-Day 1

Today is Sunday 27th of November 2011. At the beginning of Advent, the 25 days leading up to Christmas, JIMB will present a lame electronic Advent Calendar. Every day, if I remember, there will be a small calendar-type pic to go with whatever story is up for the day.

Living in an apartment has its benefits. I’m still trying to get used to it after a house and I’m still waiting for housekeeping to show up to make the bed and clean. Somehow I have it in my head that we’re staying in a motel. We’ve been here for a month now and it’s still sinking in. If anything, I miss the beach. Oh I know its just on the other side of the coast range and about 45 minutes away, but I miss having it two blocks walking distance.

Speaking of beaches and walking, I noticed that the remove the Occupy movement movements have escalated in cities leaving the homeless to fend for themselves. In Oakland, Atlanta, Denver and Portland, Ore., there are at least two homeless people for every open bed in the shelter system, according to the most recent data from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. In Salt Lake City, Utah, and Chapel Hill, N.C. — two other cities that have evicted protesters from their encampments — things are better but far from ideal. In Chapel Hill, according to the HUD study, there are 121 beds for 135 homeless people, and in Salt Lake City, 1,627 for 1,968. All of this is interesting. The comes down to the visible and inconvienet versus the invisible and an object lesson for the movement.

According to HUD, job losses and foreclosures helped push more than 170,000 families into homeless shelters in 2009, up nearly 30 percent from 2007. Of course, those are some of the same problems that have inspired people to protest.

Anyway…that’s the…first day of advent.

and so it goes….