Oh my...that stings

Ya know, in spite of what Bill O’Reilly says about not second guessing the police (Monday morning quarterbacking), I still think John Pike of the UC Police in Davis is a douche. I know that’s harsh because the cops put themselves on the line for us, blah blah blah…but, come on, not all of them are shining examples of level-headedness…some are just douches. And who would know better about such douchey things than O’Reilly himself. But that is another story for another time. Seems that in the “olden days” when students or non-violent protestors sat their ground, the police would pick up the dead weight and carry them to the mis-named “Paddy Wagon” for transport to the local cop house.

Now, it seems, the best way is to “control” a crowd is to walk up and down in front of the non-violent sitter-downers and douse them with pepper spray point blank…and in full riot gear. If you’ve seen the video, it looks as if Pike is making his roses grow. I’m not sure what this means in the long run, but I have a feeling that the movement is not about to go away anytime soon. If anything, this action at U.C. Davis as well as the picture of the 80 year old woman in Seattle being doused with Pepper Spray and add that with the retired police captain in full uniform getting arrested in New York and golly, we have motivation to continue the occupy.

What will the winter bring to the East? Cold cold cold…but someplace, even in the deepest part of Winter, there’s got to be a place tolerable for OWS. I’m thinking maybe the south of France. Let me see a show of hands.

Oh, by the way, anyone watch the 9000th Republican debate? Yeah, I thought so.

…and so it goes…