The same old heart

It’s a quest for power. Money is power and there is a ton of it in the quest to become the next leader of the Free world. That’s what the Republican party of the 2000’s is like. None of the “candidates” ( and I use that word loosely) is qualified to become president, but they will collect and spend millions of dollars trying their best.

So what is the campaign all about? Everything that Obama is for, they’re against, even when they were for it before Obama was for it. That’s the 6th grader game they are playing. They could care less about the unemployment percentages. They could care less that childhood poverty is reaching record levels in this country. They could care less that Veteran unemployment is over 12%. They could care less that food and water needs to be regulated. They could care less that their party is sponsoring bills in state legislatures that restrict people from exercising one of our fundamental rights as Americans, the right to vote. No, its about money and power and access. Jefferson warned against the power of money in politics and in the new republic. How can people call themselves Republican with a straight face and actually believe this party is good for America.

Recalls are happening, repeals are happening. It takes a while before the 99% of us wake up. When that happens watch out.

and so it goes….