Pearl Harbor Memorial

Lucky Lotto numbers? An insane Social Security number? No, these are some of the dates we used to or do remember. Depending where you live in the USA, these dates would mean more to you because of the proximity of the events that happened on these dates. From the Japanese planes bombing Pearl Harbor to the hijacked planes flying into buildings and the ground, these numbers represent events of attack. 3 out of the 4 groups of numbers represent attacks from without. One group of numbers represents an attack from within.

Where are we today, on the tenth anniversary of 9/11? Are we safer? Was giving up some basic freedoms worth it? We can go back and forth on this issue ad nauseum and still not have a definitive answer we can all agree on. The events on that day gave us the odious “Patriot Act,” internment without charges, hit squads that target individuals without indictment, warrentless wire-taps, search and seizure without probable cause, the list goes on and on. Is this the price of living in this country now? And was taking out Sadaam worth 4,000 lives when he had absolutely nothing to do with 9/11 and had no weapons of mass destruction? And so on and so on…

What has happened to our America? Some tightening of security measures were needed for sure. Where’s the line? How about intrusive pat downs or revealing x-rays? Is that the line? Have the terrorists accomplished what they had in mind? Probably. 19 people did what 200+ years  of history was not able to do, erode our liberties.

We will remember again on Sunday that day 10 years ago, then, in time, it will become a provincial day of remembrance while the rest of us will need to be reminded in an article on page 3 of our electronic newspaper.

and so it goes…

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