Have you had it? I’ve had it! Look up “dysfunctional” on that bastion of truthful and “always accurate” information web-site, Wikipedia  you will no longer see a picture of the Royal family. There is a new example, it is Congress. Are the American people the only ones who knew that we have to raise the debt limit? Are the American people the only ones who see that government is not only broken, but really really broken. We have given away the store…there are no winners we are all losers. It is unconscionable to have let the Republicans hold our credit rating hostage. It is unconscionable for the President to continue to let it happen. Did you get what you wanted from the “deal?” I didn’t. Let’s be frank about this whole thing, you will hear that both sides were at fault for this mess, but any thinking American knows it was the Republican stance which put party before country. No new revenues from the “job creators” because everyone knows that raising taxes on these “job creators” will cause them to clam -up. Meanwhile they continue to send jobs overseas even with all their breaks. That is a broken promise, Mr. Obama.

The only bright light in this whole mess is that we won’t have to argue this until after the 2012 elections. But where are the jobs Mr. Boehner? America is waiting.