Here today....

I’m not sure, but sometimes I think Congressmen and Senators are jokes in their own right fumbling around with issues about manhood that should have been laid (pardon the pun) to rest back in 7th grade. The latest is Anthony Weiner (D-NY) to behave very badly. Calls are out there for him to resign (which he should, and then run again in 2012 or not). One of the loudest voices besides the always loud voice of Fox News, is Eric Cantor(R-VA-7th District). Yes the same Eric Cantor who when asked whether John Ensign (R-NV) and David Vitter (R-La) should resign left it up to the voters in their districts or states and not to call for their resignation…so much for consistency.

But that’s not the issue now is it? I personally like Weiner’s approach of calling House Republicans on their silly ideas, but that isn’t enough for this newly married 12 term Congressman. I think he should exit stage left now, if not for his indiscretion on its face value then for its sheer creepiness. I for one am disgusted. Let the other guys across the aisle do what they do to justify their actions because we all know the party of “Family Values” and short-term memory loss is bankrupt. Weiner, though, needs to humbly resign now and try again in 2012 or not at all. Preferably the latter.

and so it sadly goes