Red-eye and Light Green eye

In it’s traditional way, the weather in the Northwest turned from rain and rain to sun and warmth. Today was beautiful and nearly 70, not a cloud in the sky.

Sarah seems to be getting better and better. We spent most of the day catching up with “The Killing” on AMC. I swore I wasn’t going to be sucked into another continuing series and I did pretty well up until around the sixth episode. I thought I’d watch it for a bit, but…wound up watching the rest of the episodes available. I am hooked, dammit. Now I will have to wait until Sunday before the next show. So far I am zero for 4 of possible suspects for the killing. Although I think I may know the killer and the motivation, I will keep my choice under my cap until it becomes clear. But I still hate being sucked in…

and so it goes….