Keep Portland...weeeerd

In the hustle of yesterday I forgot that this blog had reached a sorta-kinda milestone. Yesterday was the 300th posting since I started Jesus is my buddy. Some good posts some not so good posts, but forcing myself to post every day has begun to wear on me…so I don’t, as you may have noticed. No one has complained that sometimes no new posts appear for days. That makes me kinda wonder… But I’m not writing for other people, I am writing for myself and inviting others to read if they want, and I especially appreciate comments or rants from readers. Especially when I write criticizing republican politics or Fox News I can feel the heavy burden of being right all of the time. It’s just something I live with, yes it’s tough, but someone has to inform people with the light and the truthy truth.

Today is Ascension Thursday in the Roman Church, a Holy Day of Obligation. Didn’t make it to Mass today? Kiss your arse good-bye, you are going to hell. How do I know this? Read the previous paragraph. I rest my case.

Today is also what would have been Anne’s 41st birthday, a date of added importance and remembrance. In spite of the levity today was an especially difficult day for Kathy, her mother. The two of us went to Mass at the Grotto and quietly wept together for our collective loss. Our silent prayers wafted to heaven and we continue, we proceed. Kathy stayed behind in that beautiful prayerful spot in Portland and I brought a Subway lunch to our sick daughter, Sarah at home. From the solemn to the ridiculous in one short time. I left the sacredness of the Grotto only to arrive at Sarah’s who was watching “The World According to Paris Hilton.” Yes, so sad… Good news is, I dragged Sarah outside for a walk with the dogs. We went around the block, good enough for now. Tomorrow we’ll go farther, after one of the many “Housewives” shows…sigh

and so it goes…