Portland- Recovering


Long night last night. Sarah had to take two medicines which caused her cervix to contract. Long night, let me leave it at that. Lots of empathy for Sarah. Finally up at 4:45am for a 5.30am check-in at Portland Providence Medical Center the four of us, one in pain, climbed into Sarah’s Mitsubishi (a car not a TV) and headed south towards the hospital. The Eastern sky was slowly beginning to lighten. Oh did I say it was raining? Yes it was raining. Portland and rain? nah…

No one was in the parking structure and Andy (the boyfriend) found a space next to the ramp leading into the hospital. The waiting room and surgery rooms in this section of the hospital was called “Short-Stay” which I guess could be taken any number of ways. It was spacious enough and didn’t look like a hospital waiting room. It was nice and comfy even if it was for a “short-stay.”

Sarah was taken promptly at 5.30 am. Only two people could go with her so I told Andy that he should be there. He thought that I, being the dad, should be with her, along with her mom. I prevailed and he went behind the doors. Instantly I got a feeling of letting go of my little girl. Tears began to well up in my eyes as I flashed ahead to a time when I will probably be giving her away to Andy. What a revelation at the ass-crack of dawn in a hospital waiting room for short-stays. I know it’s supposed to come eventually but I was going to make it on my terms, and with time to work up to it, not like this morning when it crept up behind me. I know Andy is a good person with a good heart and he deeply loves and genuinely cares about Sarah. She is in good hands, but I’m also her dad and she will always be my little “Mo.” I better stop or the tears will return… This last month has been a doozy for emotions to run the gamut.

I have to say that Providence is a pretty cool hospital with wonderful nurses who have a great bedside manner. The only other hospitals with which to compare Providence is Kaiser and so far I haven’t experienced the same 1-to-1 as I did this morning. Sarah will be paying for this operation for some time from her earnings as an assistant manager at a brew-pub in Portland. It bothers me  when I think of  all the other folks who don’t have a money for this type of care? Medicare for all! Like public education is a right, I think health care is a right. No more for profit health insurers. What could be more fundamental than health?

While sloshing through the rain to find a decent cup of coffee and feeling sorry for myself at the same time, I got a call saying that all three of us could be in the room with Sarah up until they wheeled her into the operating room. So I did get quality time until the nurse brought in a relaxer and dropped it into her IV, then things got a little goofy. Long story short, she was in and out in about a hour and after about an hour’s recovery she was ready to come home. Even though we started at 5 am and returned home at 10.30 am it seemed as if the whole day was taken up with this adventure. She seems in good spirits, a little sore, but none the worse for wear. She ate two of my patented grilled cheese sandwiches to no ill affects, so I guess she is on the road to recovery. I am still tired and will probably pass out early this evening. We’ve all taken turns bringing her drinks, food and the like. I feel better and I’m glad I came North.

and so it goes…

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