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Joanna, Kathy and Rich

I am lying in a room at the Holiday Inn Express waiting for the promised thunder shower while Kathy is flipping through the channels on the TV looking for something interesting to watch. She keeps coming back to the Sean Hannity show on Fox. I am about to grab the remote and toss it out the window.

Speaking of windows, I can see “Fred Meyer’s” across the street. It’s Oregon’s version of Wal-Mart. We went over earlier to pick up some microwave-able vittles. Mmmmm, Nathan’s hot-dogs!!!. My needs are simple, very simple.

Today is a good day. We left Pacifica around 8.30 this morning and arrived at Kathy’s brother’s at 2. Not too shabby considering we have pee stops and a mandatory lunch stop in Weed, CA. Cloudy all the way up so much so that Mount Shasta was covered in clouds. Speaking of Shasta, the lake was full to the brim. I don’t think I have ever seen it full. It was pretty cool. Even though the trip was mostly uneventful, there was one thing that was kind of fun. While tooling along I-5 in the boring part (all of it), I saw a bi-plane diving out of the sky. It came closer and closer and was headed right for the my car, zipping along at 80 mph. I never thought to pull off the Interstate so waited in a chicken sort of way. At the last moment it pulled up and flew over me. And if you are wondering, I was able to see the pilot before he pulled up.

The tree planting in the back yard was nice. Another living thing as a remembrance for Anne. Nice, touch. Now tomorrow, we continue up I-5 to Portland and Sarah…more later…

…and so it goes…

  • Virginia Greene Yanke

    I am glad that Sarah came through ok. Keep us posted.

  • Ruthie Aberasturi Gordon

    Paul is in the air heading back to Portland as we speak – I don’t think he was on the plane playing chicken with you – - – Good luck to Sarah on Weds and enjoy your visit. XO