Here today, and gone in Brooklyn

When I was a kid playing (badly) CYO basketball or baseball, and I got injured (every game), the coaches would tell me to “play hurt” or “walk it off” and get back into  the game. I’m not sure if this was a character builder or a command out of frustration or what. I know I went back into the game, limping or dragging my foot and gave it my all (which wasn’t much to begin with). Egos are something like that. They get bruised or injured or deflated and unless they are completely defeated they get back in the game and participate.

Speaking of egos and such, an Orthodox Jewish newspaper on Monday apologized for digitally deleting Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton from a photo of President Barack Obama and his staff watching Navy SEALs move in on Osama bin Laden.The newspaper, Di Tzeitung, said it has a “long standing editorial policy” of not publishing women’s images. It explained that its readers “believe that women should be appreciated for who they are and what they do, not for what they look like, and the Jewish laws of modesty are an expression of respect for women, not the opposite.”

They admit that shouldn’t have printed the altered picture…but they did, I don’t know why, but they did.. Now, I’m wondering if Hilary, the most powerful woman in America today, was able to go back into the game, knowing that a few hundred people, if that many, don’t know she was in the situation room, no not THAT situation room during the raid at Osama’s compound. I’m sure she’ll do just fine, she’s played hurt before. She is impressive, huh?

and so it goes…