With all “great” intentions my motivation was my downfall. I had every intention of turning on “Morning Joe” (a less one-sided news program on MSNBC) to catch the pre-game, er pre-event show. Diana’s oldest kid was to be married to some woman from Bucklebury and they are now known as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. That happened without me. I never made it to the wedding and I guess I should be bummed, but strangely being Irish I am not. However, and this is a big ‘however’ indirectly I have a thin connection with the day. Not to name-drop but I was at St. Catherine of Sienna’s tomb at Santa Maria sopra Minerva in Rome when our high school chamber singers were performing for the masses. Big deal you say…yes it was a big deal, at least now. William and his new bride “Kate” (actually Catherine) were married on the feast day of, you guessed it, St. Catherine of Sienna. So there you have it. I know Catherine of Sienna However the wedding of the century, mine being the wedding of the last century, went off like clock work with no glitches and heavily scripted so Elizabeth II wouldn’t be surprised and drop one of her Corgis. How sad is that I wonder? No trees falling over in the Abbey, no flower girls stepping on the train, no one passing out from wearing silly hats. By the way, what is it with the English aristocracy and their big or sometimes odd hats, anyway?

From the pictures I saw, Catherine looked lovely and William sported the red uniform donned by the Irish Guards, which is another topic for another day. Now that Ireland is independent from England I wonder why he dressed so? Tradition I suppose. Well the ceremony is over and people of the Empire can go back to losing their jobs and having programs cut. Ain’t life grand??

and so it goes…