Ride 'em...into the ground

I’m not sure why the rightees like Fox are all  out of sorts with Chuck Schumer’s remark that the Republicans and their budget plans are “extreme.” If anything, that’s an understatement. When Barabra Boxer (D-CA) picked up the theme by saying, “We are urging Mr. Boehner to abandon the extreme right wing,” in reference to de-funding Planned Parenthood and curbing the power of all agencies, the EPA. Don’t you think that extreme cuts call for a response? Actually the name-calling on Schumer’s part is closer to the truth explaining the extreme right-wing who compare Obama to Hitler and Stalin and believe we are turning into a socialist state. Now that’s extreme! Then of course there is Donald Trump and the birthers…but that’s another story for another time. I’m not even going to bring up Glenn Beck’s weekly conspiracy theories…oops, I guess I already did.

The budget is important business to be sure and needs some trimming not gutting. Trimming is reasonable, gutting is extreme. Rural NPR stations who rely on some government subsidies will be essentially shuttered in time. People who live in big cities could probably care less about these rural stations. For some in the NPR audience, these radio broadcasts are the only way they can get news. As I said yesterday, it’s not about the budget, it’s about power. Community organizers like ACORN register people to vote and who vote democratic. So a slander campaign was waged to shut their store fronts down completely by withholding government monies. It was a clever successful campaign, albeit nefarious, waged by Fox and taken up by the House. But any thing any organization that seeks to balance the democratic scales is on a Republican hit list. Planned Parenthood is a puzzle though except when one is waging a social war. The idea that women could get real medical advice from real doctors unlike the South Dakota “3-day wait” for an abortion bill. (One can get a gun “in 48 hours” in South Dakota) These women will have to submit to counseling at pregnancy help centers that discourage abortions. The word is, that these sessions will not be with a doctor. That’s extreme. And then there is the EPA and Republicans trying to curb the powers  of the agency to regulate stuff. Efforts by Democrats and environmentalists to thwart the Republican push show the degree to which the environmental movement has been thrown on the defensive by a GOP-corporate coalition that equates regulations with job losses. Now that’s extreme.

and so it goes…