It usually happens the day after one buys something, so why this buyers remorse did not happen on Wednesday November 3rd is because a bunch of people didn’t quite know what they were getting for their vote. Alas, there is no return policy right away. In Wisconsin a recall (return of merchandise) can only happen a year after the governor was elected. So why the remorse now? Well…these two governors  (and other Republican Govs)are using the specious “budget deficit” argument to break up unions, give huge tax breaks to corporations and the sleeping progressives have finally awoken to these un-American anti-democratic activities and have taken to the streets. You and I and every other thinking American gets that union busting is not about  budgets. It’s about power. Walker’s promise to cut 6% from the budget by passing the “Budget Repair Bill” will actually add to the state’s deficit by the tune of 1% over two years. So…doh. Tax breaks for corporations and businesses are not about the budget, it is about power. I wish all this lawmaking was  about jobs. But the push back is coming. Indiana governor Mitch Daniels is facing a backlash after proposing a bill similar to that signed into law by Wisconsin governor Scott Walker. Daniels’ bluff was called by state democrats (who also exited the state to produce an impasse), and the union stripping bill no longer on the table.

And in Ohio, where  Governor Kasich is enjoying a 30% approval rating at the moment, has a plan. To stimulate job growth in Ohio, Ohio’s favorite former Fox host, John Kasich is touting his newly created “JobsOhio” (he appointed himself chairman) which will be a venture capitalist entity spreading seed money for businesses in return for future profits explaining the value of bringing jobs to the Buckeye State. Jobs, Jobs, Jobs. Sounds sound doesn’t? Of course it does and since he dare not raise taxes to do it, he turns to the habits of Ohioans…drinking and the state sanctioned liquor stores which will now be half-operated by venture capitalists. Ohioans bought a record number of gallons of alcohol last year, and the state stores made nearly $230 million in net profits — for the state. Now a half-government, half-venture capitalist entity proposes to re-direct those profits away from Ohio taxpayers and to JobsOhio, and then, to out-of-state businesses Governor Kasich hopes will come to the state. (All while having an expense account for which Kasich and Co. are barely accountable.) Well it’s a plan, isn’t it?

Now the point, really, how come some of these Republican/TP people think that government is a corporation. It’s not, never has been nor will be. Democracy is not a company for profit. It is not a corporation even though some of the structures seem to mimic corporate businesses. However government is created to serve the people who in turn pay to have those services. All things being equal, it would run smoothly. In reality it isn’t created equal. There are the very rich and the extremely poor but all are protected under the same constitution and Bill of Rights. It is the best document on the face of the earth for guaranteeing  life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all. But it is a messy business. When we realize that the country this document created is not meant to make a profit, then we can move forward with dignity. Budget balancing is a good thing, but not on the backs of people who either work for a living or who live in poverty. People who have, and have a lot need to care for those who have little or nothing. It’s not socialism, it’s our responsibility. Companies don’t do that, people in a democracy do. That is our birthright that is our eternal vigilance.

and so it goes…