The Law of the Land

Yes Sarah Palin is on a whirl-wind tour of India and Israel. The India portion was compensated by the Indians interested in seeing Tina Fey in person. On the Israel portion, she donned a Star of David, representing the people (according to  her version of Christianity) are not going to heaven. But it’s the India meet and greet that just adds to the confusion of who she is and what she may be about. In a Q & A she said that Americans shouldn’t bad mouth their President while on foreign soil. 30 seconds later she criticized Obama for “dithering” on Libya. I guess thinking out loud is not the same thing as bad-mouthing. God, I hope she runs for President, don’t you? Just this morning I read the results of a Washington Post poll done of independent voters about all sorts of things including the 2012 race. A majority would choose Charlie Sheen over Sarah Palin, 41% vs 36%. On the one hand, this may show just how unpopular the half-term governor from Alaska really is. However, on the other hand it shows the state of politics in the country today. I’m not sure which is sadder. Meanwhile, Ms. Palin is touring Israel to bolster her international creds. Good luck with that.

Speaking of creds, how’s your knowledge of American stuff? Check out the info here and take the test.


and so it goes…