This is a good day to remember just how important American workers (in fact all workers) are to the forward movement of this country. States, as you know, have been blaming the worker for their financial shortfalls, rather than holding the mirror up to themselves. We groove on pushing blame outwards and making a us vs them scenario. What this does, and we have seen it in recent years , is to perpetuate the divides and lower the discourse. As long as the “other” is painted with a broad brush as the cause of all our ills, nothing will nor can be done. While Ohio, Missouri, Wisconsin and other states try to villanize¬† the public worker, specifically unions, we are seeing a push back from those who say it will not work anymore. If nearly three-quarters of the nation believes that collective bargaining rights not be tampered with, then why is it the republicans are tone deaf to this?

Being able to negotiate with one’s employer puts us above the sweat shops overseas. People demand services from their government. Services cost taxpayers. Public workers provide this service at a cost (there’s no free lunch). Often the easiest way forward to balance a budget is to cut services. This leads to layoffs and more unemployment and will, in time, make the situation much worse. Perhaps as an example, a better way forward is to combine redundant services between multiple agencies. There are other creative ways to bring spending in line. Whatever the case may be, simply to say we are going to cut benefits or cut pensions (which people have already paid into) or cut services is short term fix rather than visionary. It is time to think proactively rather than with knee-jerk responses that will in the long run hurt rather than help.


and so it goes…