Well its happening again folks. Ohio Republicans have declared war on the Unions, again and have proposed a union-stripping bill in the legislature. The newly energized Dems are threatening a state-wide referendum to defeat the proposed bill. This means a lot to life-long Ohioans. It is not an idle threat. The last time this happened was in the late 50’s when a similar union-busting bill passed both houses and was signed into law by the then governor. It would have made it illegal to have union shops. Not only did the voters reject the Republican union busting bill, they rejected it big time, 2 to 1. In the same election they replaced the Republican governor with a democratic one and gave the legislature back to the Dems. So, for the Repubs it was a bad move then, and a really bad move now. In the not too distant past the good people of Ohio saw this bill as a sucker punch to the working class. Today, they see this present bill in the same way. “If we do not learn from history we are doomed to repeat it.” Seems like economic populism is a democrat lightening rod.

I can remember the Claire McCaskill and Jim Talent race in Missouri. She unseated the incumbent Talent because on the ballot was a minimum wage proposition (to raise it). That proposition brought out all sorts of voters who while voting to pass the proposition also voted for McCaskill who supported the prop, Talent was non-committal toward the proposition. Had that not appeared on the ballot, there probably wouldn’t be a Senator Claire McCaskill. So what should we expect in the next few months or year? Change. The era of the Tea Party hats and signs and all the scary socialism crap is beginning to wane and the era of fairness and Democracy is beginning to take hold in the mid-west.


Meanwhile in Washington, the culture wars are going full steam ahead with the republican house. Cuts for Planned parenthood, NPR, contraceptives, you know all the real important job-creating things. Tsk.

and so it goes...