"On Wisconsin..."
As if the state of Michigan were not already in a job crisis, now, it seems corporate “managers” are in the offing offering no jobs, just less voice. I was reading the new bill introduced and passed in Michigan and waiting for the governor’s signature that basically strips towns of their elected governments and undo collective bargaining agreements. In other words, like in Wisconsin, Rick Synder of Michigan is again “pound foolish” like his Wisconsin counterpart. But unlike Wisconsin,Michigan is using draconian tactics to rectify the financial mess they find themselves in. What is happening to America? Why do those things that makes us different from other countries bother the right wing so much? Is business more important than the people? Apparently so. Corporate managers seem to be able to do the people’s business better than the people. With all of the tax breaks given business in Wisconsin, Michigan and Ohio one would think the jobs were pouring in from overseas. Not.

According to the Michigan House Speaker Jase Bolger, this new law:

…an EM needs the power to accomplish the task they are hired to perform to protect the taxpayers of the state of Michigan. Michigan voters can hold their leaders accountable through the proposed EM legislation.

However, in reading the summary of House Bill 4214 (S-4), which would repeal the Local Government Fiscal Responsibility Act, and create the Local Government and School District Fiscal Accountability Act, the bill would do the following:

* Require the plan to provide for, among other things, the modification, termination, or renegotiation of contracts, and, for school districts, an academic and educational plan.

* Authorize an emergency manager to reject, modify, or terminate the terms of an existing contract or a collective bargaining agreement (CBA).

* Exempt a local governing body in receivership from collective bargaining requirements for five years or until the receivership was terminated, whichever occurred first.
* Provide that a local government that entered into a consent agreement would not be subject to collective bargaining requirements during the remaining term of the agreement, unless the state treasurer determined otherwise.

And then there’s this little feature of the legislation:

* Authorize an emergency manager to disincorporate or dissolve a municipal government with the approval of the governor; or recommend consolidation with another municipal government.

mmmm…food for thought. Is this really the way to go?

and so it goes…