Happy Birthday Doggie

With Sarah and her friend, Andy, down from Portland so she could watch her ma on the stage here in Pacifica, we decided to give Tootsie a birthday party. Not knowing exactly how old she is,12? 15? we “winged” it. But having all the kids and grand-kids at the Asylum’s 25th year of improv was great. We all got into it while Kathy performed in her one-of-a-kind silly style. As it turned out two of the grand-kids joined her on stage to play “sound effects” to what the characters on stage were saying. For example if one of the actors said “tigers” then the boys would growl, or if one of the actors talked about a stormy night, the sound effect would be thunder and so on. It was pretty funny, well at least for the family members in the audience. I’m not sure about the others, but who cares. It’s home grown and it’s Pacifica.

The other fun thing was the unique response to the recall of the Republican senators in Wisconsin. As you know, the republican held senate slammed through a dodgy bill that the Koch brother’s lackey, Governor Walker wanted to sign into law. Ostensibly it was created to strip unions of their ability to bargain collectively. The move was shrouded in a budget fix until people began to see it for what it really was, a return to the industrial revolution’s darkest attribute, feeding corporate greed on the backs of the worker. It was a shameful and pound-foolish move. Unfortunately for the Republicans they have no vision for the future and only focus on the here and now. But there is hope. The recall measure is gaining momentum in Wisconsin. The typical American solution to a bad bad situation. Throw the bums out! This year its the republican senators, next year it is the governor. Gee where have we heard that before? Oh yes, last November. There is a funny story to come out of this exercise in democracy. One of the senators on the recall black is Randy Hooper. When protesters showed up this weekend at his house they were told by his wife that he no longer lives there and that he was living with his 25 year old mistress. Then Hooper’s wife said she would gladly sign the recall petition against her husband.


See there is always hope.


and so it goes…