This way out

Weird day. It started off with my neighbor phoning at around 5 am telling us that she got a robo call telling residents of our low-lying neighborhood to move to higher ground because of an eminent tsunami about to hit the west coast. Out of a dead sleep that sounded ominous. Turning on the TV we were told that the tsunami from the deadly Japan quake hadn’t reached Hawaii yet. Even at 600 miles an hour, I guessed it wasn’t going to hit us until later in the morning. Decisions had to be made. My stepson lives on a hill and it was decided to go there. Watching more news (regular news not the made-up stuff from you know who) I decided I was going to stay. So the wife and the dog and my son left me to my own devices. I made a plan, I would video-tape the devastation coming up the street for posterity and then hop on the roof waving to passing helicopters. By 7 everyone was gone. It was eerie quiet on our street.


By 7.30 I received a robo-call from the San Mateo emergency management thing telling me a tsunami was headed our way and to get to higher ground. On the TV there was a reporter about a half mile from our home broadcasting calmly and so I took that to mean it was all going to be ok. So with camera in hand and a cup of java, I sat on the porch and waited. Nothing happened here. Then about 4.30 this afternoon I got another call from the San Mateo office of emergency things telling me the danger had passed. Then I thought, if I was out of my house like they told me to do, how would I know it was all-clear to go back? I could have been away for days and days. Oh well. It was exciting for a moment.

and so it goes…