So where was Doris when I was growing up?
Well those corporate republicans in the Wisconsin senate passed Governor Walker’s “budget repair” bill. A slap in the face of the middle class public sector and unionized workers.The Wisconsin bill passed with a massive amount of irregularity and down right smoke and mirrors (very similar to the shameful process used in Ohio). Walker vows to sign the “political” bill in what can only be described as a bill aimed directly at the Unions. I’ve gone off before to try and explain why teachers have been singled out by Fox. Just suffice to say that they are so very very ignorant one wonders if they ever went to school. I think what bugs me the most about this Wisconsin un-American activity is Walker’s statement that the bill was to build the middle class. I just wonder if he really believes in it. It is disgusting.

I looked over the Tea-Party protests a couple of summers ago about the Health Care Bill and watched it devolve into protesting the scourge of Socialism creeping into our democracy. You know and I know that those arguments were fed in part by monies from the Health Care Industry (making it look like a ‘grass roots’ uprising) as well as the daily vitriol from Fox. The protests were totally made up and totally bogus. Now, with the attack on the very core of the middle class with the passage of the “repair: bill, I have yet to see the tea-party or for that matter Fox rising to the occasion against the workers. What is that all about? They have taken the opposite position against the workers. Doesn’t make sense. Then again, maybe it does.

and so it goes…