dust to dust

Just seems like yesterday that I was reminded by my church of my mortality by rubbing ashes on my forehead. I know it is a time of reflection and I know the words of the “new ritual” lack the power of the old “remember you are dust and to dust you will return.” I know all that. One of the first things I do when I wake up is to acknowledge that I have awoken and am not dead…yet. Seems like these days, without having to show up at school on a regular basis every morning, I revel in the fact that I have one more day to try and do some good. (Not that I didn’t do any good in the classroom, mind you.) So today, Ash Wednesday, the day that death stares me in the face I look forward to the six weeks of Lent.


When I was a kid, the big thing to do during Lent was to give up something, like candy or TV or heroin for the duration. Now, today, this minute, as it has been in the past few years, I have turned it around to be something positive, like doing something positive. I’m not going to tell you what exactly it is I am doing (will do) during the 6 weeks of the Lenten season leading up to the biggest feast of the liturgical year, Easter. Just let it be known it is a quiet service. Over the years I have come to believe the most valuable asset I have is my time. Time is something I can never get back as much as I want to get it back and have a do-over. No it is a gift I can freely give away not expecting anything in return. Maybe that’s the way to go for you this lent, do something rather than give up something. Volunteer, get involved, be anonymous about it. The sheer satisfaction of being able to give away something so valuable as time (and perhaps a bit of talent) to make this country, world, neighborhood just a wee bit better is so worth it.

Send me a message via the website, let me know what you are doing and it will be between us. You are a wealth of gifts…give it away.

and so it goes….