Check out my book, it says it all

Thanks to Fox, you know the cable channel that is fair and balanced in their own minds, (remember they helped elect their “eloquent” and former host John Kasich, governor of Ohio) had the Huckster on Bill O’Reilly this week talking about how “different” (read un-American-not-lie-us) Barrack Obama is. It’s interviews like this that validate the survey that was taken by the University of Maryland back in December concluding that Fox viewers are the most misinformed viewers of, well, news. Huckabee expanded on his claim that Obama “is not like mom and apple pie” because he wasn’t a Boy Scout or played Little League. Were you? Did you? If you are like most American’s you probably weren’t either which means…you are not one of us. After his disastrous (and unbelievable) walk-back of his radio proclamation that he would like to know more about Barrack Obama. What he “does know” is that Obama “grew up in Kenya with a Kenyan father and grandfather”. He said he misspoke…twice? Adding that Obama probably took the side of the Mau-Mau rebellion against the “Brits” probably calling them imperialists. (Isn’t that why we declared our independence from George III?) The Brits were definitely imperialists, doh! Just ask the Irish or the India-Indians. In bicycling backwards The Huckster said, what he meant to say was not Kenya but Indonesia. Ohhhhhh now I get it, the Mau-Mau tribe was in Indonesia. I better change my map and history. Just admit you were wrong Mike don’t try and explain it away albeit awkardly. You have your right foot stuck in the mud and cannot get it out. Unfortunately the other one is in your mouth. I always thought Huckabee was a reasonable man, a thoughtful man. Maybe the pathological “bending of the truth” over at Fox has rubbed off. I feel sorry for him.

Then, on the O’Reilly Factor on Wednesday night, he blamed the left-wing media for the dust-up. Please. When a kid gets an answer wrong in the classroom the teacher calls him on it, the kid checks his notes and then accepts that he was indeed wrong. Then of course he brings up the Boy Scouts and the all-American Rotary Club in small towns that mom and apple pie Americans come from. (Just an aside, Hawaii does have a bunch of Boy Scouts and Rotary Clubs and, yes Little Leagues (another litmus test of “one of us.”)

What is Huckabee trying to accomplish? Is he trying to sell books? Is he pandering to a base that already believes Obama is a product of a madrassa on Mars. Playing to the choir? Old news from 2 years ago? I don’t know. Maybe writing his book wiped his mind clean, like when a student takes a semester exam. Fox suspended the ever colorful Newt-I-am-exploring-whether-to-run-for-president Gingrich and the man-on-dog Fox contributor Rick Santorum. How about suspending Mike Huckabee for being uninformed? No wait, that would mean all of Fox viewers need to be suspended.

and so it goes…