Big Government Ain’t Workin’

Snow? In California?

Gotcha! Thought I was going to rant about the size of government now didn’t you? Well not all of government, just NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) and more specifically the National Weather Service. These stewards of the environment promised us living along the shores of the Pacific, snow. All this money being spent with satellites and fancy schmancy weather maps with arrows and color coding are for naught. What it comes down to is an educated guess. Guess?! Really? The best you can do is a guess? So I guess you were guessing about the snowfall along Northern California’s coastline. Well tell that to my sled. Tell that to my special mittens that have a string the goes up one sleeve and down the other so I don’t loose them! Tell that to my fire-engine red long-johns with the flap in the back! I want my tax dollars back unless you can produce snow tonight…or it’s to the streets!

Can you tell I’m bummed? What else does a retiree have to look forward to except changes in the weather? (Or BINGO on Tuesdays). I am sending a copy of this to the agency’s administrator, Dr. Jane Lubchenco with my complaints, a lot of them. All those people working for the Federal Government in the weather department and not one can shoot a snowflake our way. I did feel an earthquake this morning centered in Half Moon Bay though. Is that the consolation prize? By the way, who do you write to about earthquake predictions besides the psychic Glenn Beck?

and so it goes…see you Monday

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