May 1st the Feast of St. Joseph the Employee

Not Cairo, it's Madison, Wisconsin

Ever heard of Rush Limbaugh? Yeah he’s been on radio for a while, has a big microphone, was addicted to “pain killers” has a big following and says really silly and at the same time inflammatory things. On his show today he said a bunch of stuff about unions and especially had issues with the word “workers.” Now keep things in mind, Limbaugh is a smart man and he knows what he doing (unlike Beck who is just bizarre). In Limbaugh’s words, “We Don’t Have Workers … I Hate That Term Workers Applied To People Who Are Employed In The Private Sector”, wait…there’s more “Workers” Is A “Marxist Term,” Democrats “Ought To Be Relegated To Minority Status.” And there you have it ladies and gentlemen another semantics lesson compliments of the poster child for oxycontin. (The first semantics lesson was from Dr. Beck remember when he went off on ‘social justice’ and how fun it was to expose his ignorance? You betcha!). So now it’s the term “workers” that bothers Rush. He would rather the term employee be substituted for workers because it sounds less pinko. Well even though he doesn’t work (he pontificates from a safe radio studio), I’m not sure Rush understands what he is saying and if he does, I wonder what may be behind it?

So what’s this all about? Well it’s about Wisconsin and its about a Republican Tea Bagger backed governor, it’s about the Koch brothers sponsored “Wisconsin Club for Growth”  it’s about a Republican assembly and its about a bill to cut employees benefits, limiting and/or eliminating collective bargaining by Unions. Is this the agenda of the Republican party? Union busting? Yeah remember the air traffic controllers who were fired by Reagan back in the ’80’s and led to union busting all over the place? Yeah that’s it. People power is being replaced with corporate power. Over the years unions have unfairly been the whipping boy for all our ills. Good grief even Leo XIII back in the 19th century in his letter “Rerum Novarum” addressed the right to a living wage and the rights of workers (sorry employees) to organize. Union busting has helped to move good U.S. jobs overseas. Meanwhile back in Madison Wisconsin thousands of teachers, students and prison guards descended on the Wisconsin Capitol on Wednesday to fight a move to strip government workers of union rights in the first state to grant them more than a half century ago. Kuddos to the 14 Democratic Assembly members who left the state so the bill didn’t pass. Rep Paul Ryan really got mixed up this morning when he equated what was going on in Madison to what happened in Cairo last week. He bemoaned the fact that public sector workers are asked to pay half of what private sector workers pay for benefits as if the union/public sector workers were making the same amount of money. Well Mr. Ryan, they aren’t. On average public employees get 4.8% less total compensation than private sector workers. 59% of Wisconsin public sector workers have college degrees and make 25% less than private sector workers for the same type of jobs. I feel sorry for Ryan because Washington is a long way from Madison and percentages and stuff can get lost in all that snow. The American dream is not socialism folks. It is about fairness. It’s about workers and it’s about American products made in America.

Then there’s Rush and and his dislike of the word worker…but you know what? May 1st is the feast of St. Joseph the Worker, not St. Joseph the Employee. Just doesn’t sound right, does it.

And so it goes…

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