Glad we have this spare engine

“So be it.” That’s John Boehner’s response to people who may lose their jobs in the Federal government because of fiscal cuts in the budget. His reasoning? “Since President Obama has taken office the federal government has added 200,000 new federal jobs, and if some of those jobs are lost in this, so be it,” When asked if this would impact the economy he said it won’t. Actually, it will. Some analysts believe that whatever recovery we have made in the last two years will be punched in the stomach with cuts like the Republicans are proposing. More people out of work means little travel or extra money to buy stuff. But this isn’t a callous disregard for the American people for the sake of balancing the budget, nay nay, this is more political than practical. When people are hurting they look at a “liberal-left-leaning” administration and blame them for perceived free handouts to the poorest and most vulnerable of Americans or because this liberal government seems anti-business. So in this atmosphere I can follow the natural order of progression meaning more elected Republican sitting in Congress come 2012. So…what’s the driving force? Fiscal responsibility or the ability to remain in power or gain more power? Food for thought, y’all.

Speaking of food, you know that Pentagon thing? Yeah, the people who give us war and tell us they need the latest gadget to stay ahead of “those people?” Well they have told us that in their budget they don’t need a second engine for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. They already have a dandy engine made by Pratt & Whitney so a second one being developed by GE is redundant. So what’s the big deal? We are used to Pentagon dollars going down the long black tube. Well low and behold they, the Pentagon (not the building but the people in it) tell us stop funding the second engine and save the U.S. 3 billion bucks over 10 years. Sounds reasonable, no? They seem to know what they are talking about (this is not time to bring up the Bradley Fighting Vehicle OK?). Well the republicans feel the Pentagon does need a second engine and will continue to fund it. Politics and the military clash? Why you say? Well…it so happens there’s a neato GE plant in Ohio (where Boehner is from) that is making the second engine and employs about 7,000 voting constituents. AH!  Now it’s clear. Fire the faceless bureaucrats that work for the government and save the jobs that help elect me to the House. Works for me.

Boehner’s comments about jobs in the form of “so be it” isn’t callous, it’s just politics.

and so it goes…