In the crosshairs

Cut funding to NPR and PBS. Why the hell not? Why have reasonable discussions and documentaries? We have the shouters from the right saying that NPR silences any other points of view because it is too liberal. (or too truthful, maybe?). Heaven forbid that we should have radio and television news programs that have vetted their facts before presenting them. It is so much easier to put on the air any rumor/untruth and repeat it all day until it becomes “fact.” I think we have enough of those “type” of journalists already. Oh yeah PBS has kids shows on as well without the sugary corn flake commercials. I hear the kids are learning things too. Well we can’t have them learning too much. Holy smokes, they might be able to think.

NPR President Vivian Schiller said in a statement

“The public values and increasingly relies on the trustworthy news and information that public radio provides. The growing number of public radio listeners speaks to the hunger for independent local media sources that help make sense of what’s going on in their own community and around the world.”

That’s really the bottom line. It’s a cheap target to let the tea party version of politics know that those they elected are doing their job.

It’s all about value. When people don’t see value in things they dismiss them outright. Happens all the time. In our schools usually the first cuts to be made to balance budgets are the arts. No value. Can’t use arts in the real world…etc etc etc… So too with public radio and television. Without “Front Line” programs that help us think about things we would be more uninformed than we are now. Discussions like finding the truth behind the Deepwater Horizon explosion and the situation that led up to it or the documentary “God in America” a discussion how religious belief has shaped American history help us seek and find the truth. And so on and so on. Yes the firing of Juan Williams was dumb, but to penalize the whole for a part is as equally dumb. In fact it is more dumb.

NPR and PBS are for thinking Americans. Wait, that’s it. You need to be able to think for yourself to watch or listen. I don’t think Fox or hate radio allows you to do this. Now it makes sense. Out of thought out of mind.

and so it goes….but it doesn’t have to. Free thinkers, sign the “Move-On” petition today.