Olbermann has a new gig

Good night and Good luck

Just when you thought the rant was dead…it’s back. This time Keith Olbermann joins Al Gore’s Current TV. (Didn’t Al Gore create the interwebs?) At this writing he says he will debut the show “sometime in 2011.” I’m guess he has one of those pesky non-compete clauses in his exit papers much like Conan did when he left the “Tonite Show.” Well for us who have a bazzillion cable channels, it should give us enough time to find the “Current TV” channel. Do you know where it is on Dish? Maybe without corporate interference Olbermann can blast whomever. Wait, didn’t he do that before? Well I also heard that Al Gore, THE Mr. Excitement told people “I can assure you everyone at Current is extremely excited and honored that Keith Olbermann has selected Current TV as the new home of his independent voice.” I guess that is a firm endorsement.

I like independent voices, even loud ones who come with facts behind them not the fairy tales that someone like a Beck spins. People with hard facts get me thinking. When Olbermann left MSNBC’s highest rated news commentary show I was left with reading stories on-line at 5pm weeknights. I still haven’t recovered. I know Lawrence O’Donnell is a good, thinking man, he just doesn’t get me to pay attention like Olbermann did. I caught “Countdown” almost 8 tears ago when I was flipping through the channels and stayed ever since. It was an unusual show with seriousness as well as humor. (He had Kids in the Hall as well as the remaining members of Monty Python on from time to time). His guests were smart and hilarious at the same time, but they made me think and want to find out more. I didn’t just take it because he said it. I wanted to find out if he was right or the story was true. I’m not sure if that other channel across the street from MSNBC challenges viewers to use their brains. I think their M.O. is to scare people into believing their version of the facts as truth or be damned to hell. That’s probably why the ratings of that other network are high, although Jersey Shore and Snookie top cable and leave them in the dust. Go figure. Anyway, it will be interesting to see what and how this new program will shake out. Hate him or love him, he does know what he is talking about.

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