There’s Hard News then There’s Beck

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You won’t hear me commending the Fox Channel for their reportage much so you can mark this day on your calendar. Fox’s reporting from Cairo is indeed commendable and worth noting. They are trying their best, along with other journalists, to report the ‘real’ news happening on the ground. They, along with others in the news business, have been targeted by pro-government thugs, roughed up, equipment damaged, arrested and otherwise intimidated. The corpulent Rush Limbaugh ridiculed the beating of two New York Times reporters belittling it to the point of saying:

“How we supposed to feel? Are we supposed to feel outrage over it? I don’t feel any outrage over it. Are we supposed to feel anger? I don’t feel any anger over this. Do we feel happy? Well — uh — do we feel kind of going like, “neh-neh-neh-neh”?”

He later said it was a joke. Why is he still on the air (I wonder out loud).

Knowing history as you do you know that the best way to turn the tide of peaceful opposition to a government is to inject professional rioters who have been paid to turn the peaceful demonstration into chaos. It’s a tactic that has worked before but it seems this time the truth is slowly wiggling its way out to the people and the world. What the journalists were trying to do is point this out and therefore posed a threat to the “status quo.” That’s the way these things go, if one controls the information one controls the perception. Fox, as well as NBC and CNN and even al Jazeera have been targets of this news “manipulation” and physical violence. The number two person at state-run Nile TV quit because of this, saying she wouldn’t “be a part of the propaganda machine of the Mubarak government.” Gutsy move.

Switch then to the “fear-monger-in-chief” Glenn Beck “reporting” from his comfortable perch at what passes as a “news” channel he says we are on the brink of a “caliphate” similar to the Muslim expansion in Europe in the Middle Ages. He seems reasonable and repeated the word “caliphate” so many times for the slowest of the viewers to “Google” it. It was picked up again on Hannity’s show and had another run although this time, names of Government officials were mentioned by Frank Gaffney of “The Center for Security Policy” as part of the Muslim take-over of the World! Did I mention Obama in all of this tripe? No? Well with the health care battle quieting down, now the Obama administration is encouraging the “Muslim Brotherhood” (an unfortunate name) an enemy of al Qaeda, to take over the United States. A stretch? Not for Beck and his blackboard. America is heading towards becoming an Islamic State and it’s all Obama’s fault. (Aren’t you glad we have a constitutionally protected “free press” so we can hear all this crap?).

We have seen through out the last week or so in Cairo the best that reporters can do, and I include the Fox reporters on the ground. It hasn’t been an easy task, but they have done it. That’s the great example of a “free press.” Then we have Beck and Hannity. Oh well, even in the juiciest of fruit, there are sometimes pits.

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