We are so freakin' cool
First it was Stephen Fry who made light of the a-bombings of Hiroshima and Nakasaki, then it was on “Top Gear” that the presenters capped on Mexico. Such are the Brits and on the BBC as well. Imagine! The first incident falls on the usually hilarious Steven Fry, Jeeves to “House’s” Wooster a few years back before the “limp” was cool. So anyway, The show featured a discussion about a man who survived the blasts at both Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. The Japanese Embassy accused the BBC of making light of the attacks, which killed up to 250,000 civilians.

Steven Fry (and probably the BBC) canceled his planed visit to Japan to start filming a documentary. The BBC, which later apologized to the entire Japanese island group, said the cancellation of the filming was due to the “strength of feeling” in Japan. The offending episode of QI was broadcast last month and featured a discussion about Tsutomu Yamaguchi – the only person known to have survived both bombings. I wonder just how “strength of feeling” translated.

Mr Yamaguchi was burnt in the Hiroshima explosion – only to travel by train to Nagasaki to be caught in the second attack three days later. The comments were about how the trains were able to run on time after the bombing of Hiroshima, and perhaps how very unlucky Mr. Yamaguchi was, or perhaps lucky.

The second incident happened on the always interesting “Top Gear” where the hosts, Richard Hammond, Jeremy Clarkson and James May characterized Mexicans as “lazy and feckless” in their discussions.

Apologies out the wazoo coming from that little island that used to rule the world. Aren’t you glad we don’t stick our collective feet in our collective mouths? Yeah, “you betcha.”

and so it goes…