On the road to debate…redux

do no harm
Part of the Affordable Health Care Act seems to be unconstitutional, at least that’s what a judge in Pensacola, Florida has ruled. Judge Roger Vinson a district judge says it violates the “Commerce Clause.” He focused his attention on the “individual mandate” that requires people to buy insurance. States rights versus Federal rights will be the issue. Over 25 states have pending lawsuits. To change this discrepancy the entire law needs to be dumped. I wish certain weak parts of the law could be amended. Throwing out the whole law is just plain dumb. I guess the wise thinking is that the part is the sum of the whole. I sure hate going backwards. I make no bones about being for socialized medicine. Or short of that, health providers need to be non-profits. If need be we should raise taxes to pay for it and regulate the medical industry to keep the costs down. I wonder if it is moral to make a profit on health as some of these giant health insurers do. Not much of an incentive for getting people well who are sick. Somehow this needs to be worked out. I believe that health care is a fundamental right for all (the “life” and “pursuit of happiness” words). This discussion is far from over. There are parts of the Act that have become popular including keeping one’s kids on a plan until 26 and not throwing people off the rolls for getting sick or not providing health insurance for people with pre-existing conditions. Then there’s the fixing of the drug “donut hole” aspect of the bill. The more people realize the good things in the bill, the more they will get behind it. It will take time, good things often need time to correct and strengthen. The bill ain’t socialism, the bill is common sense and compassionate.

To get rid of it completely is un-American.

and so it goes…

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