Your call is important to us
By the end of this month Comcast will own NBC-Universal which will have been owned by GE (you know, “We bring good things to light” people) you know, founded by Thomas Edison. Yeah that company which is now also a huge defense contractor. That aside, today will mark a “the first no Olbermann Day on MSNBC” and I am wondering outloud how the giant cable-web-media delivery company will change how the news is broadcast. We all know that Olbermann was on the cliff ready to be pushed off. He was (still is) an honest journalist who when he was wrong admitted it but gave a strong voice to the progressives amid the din of naysayers and doom and gloom guys across the street. (Fox News) I’m not sure if this (Comcast-NBC) buy out is a great marriage made in a too big to fail bank. (GE is in the banking business as well). The cooperation and agreement that Comcast has with News Corp ( which owns a bazillion news and media outlets of their own) makes me suspicious. It is interesting to note that Rep. Fred Upton (R-Mich) and Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas) complained a lot that the FCC had to approve the deal. I suppose their umbrage had nothing to do with the $10,000 each received from Comcast during the last election. Probably not, how cynical can I be after all. MSNBC is liberal without the panic attacks. I wonder where good, thoughtful news will come from? The Wall Street Journal? I forgot, News Corp owns that now. How about the London Times? No News Corp owns that too. I know, the Washington Examiner. No, wait…the Moonies own that. Well there’s always the “Daily Show” with Jon Stewart. At least their news is accurate under the layers of humor.

I am just worried that the few remaining news outlets will be drowned out by the great noise of a large Corporation. Both GE and Comcast are huge lobbying ventures in their own right as well. Doesn’t look good for a free press. Whoever controls the content controls the attitude. We all saw the outcome of that during the health care town halls. I’m not sure if Comcast will be very comcastic in this regard.

and so it goes…