Deck chair by the beach

Yes yes I know, it’s Thursday already and I bet you were looking for Wednesday…well I skipped yesterday because (1) I was tired; (2) I went to a movie at the Castro; or (3) I forgot. If you chose 1,2 & 3 you are an instant winner and your name has been dropped into the bin for the grand prize! (along with 3 million other names). Well today is article #246 for Thursday, 20th of January 2010. Today is also the 50th anniversary of President Kennedy’s inauguration as well as the 30th for Reagan’s first term and the two year anniversary of Barrack Hussein Obama’s inauguration. Wow, it’s been a trip so far. Just remembering the events of the last two years, let alone the last 50 is mind-boggling. We’ve been to the moon, involved in a seemingly endless war and have people packing weapons to political rallies. Camelot gave way to Viet Nam gave way to “trickle-down-voodoo-economics” gave way to an illegal invasion of a sovereign nation on bogus intel gave way to Hitler and socialism. Whoa! I think we went backwards in time. Whatever happened to the us in “We the People” I ask you?

In one of America’s great newspapers the “St. Petersburg Times” down there in Florida, they listed all the promises kept, broken, stalled and still in play in the age of Obama. I found over 500 listed, some of which I didn’t remember, but that doesn’t mean they weren’t promised. It’s age. One of the promises kept was passing a popular (by today’s polls) health care program to the country. The Republicans repealed it in the House yesterday but we all know that was a straw man to begin with. Once people found out some of the goodies for them contained in the bill, they liked it. Of course it needs work but the “replace” part of the Republican’s talking points haven’t seen the light of day…yet. We all know this was a pandering point and has no chance in hell of moving forward to the Senate. Oh the republican’ts will hem and haw about cutting off funding, but in the end, they will cave. When you got nuthin’ to offer in rebuttal, ya cave.

Another promise kept was to begin removing combat brigades from Iraq. That happened and on live TV no less. The broken promises came in the form of continued tax cuts for the rich and not creating a website which would be dedicated to ethics and lobbying information. I hope this is available so we can actually see just how much damage the Supremes did with the Citizen’s United case. In the stalled category there is still the shame of Quantanamo Bay. We’ll just have to see how this plays out.

According to the St. Petersburg Times, Obama has kept 28% of his campaign promises, broken 7% of them, compromised 8%, has 15% of them stalled (you can guess by whom) and 44% still in the pipeline. Not bad, could be better, but it is far more satisfying to have the country moving forward than backward isn’t it?

and so it goes…