While knee deep in my new video creation I’m pausing to see what I may have missed over the weekend. Mmm let’s see, Gabby Giffords gave her husband a neck rub which is cool anytime but especially now. News that she may be moved to a rehab center (not THAT kind of rehab) for her recovery from the act of a week ago (on my birthday btw) is heartening. Hopefully she will have full recovery and that she can join her colleagues in the House soon. That will be an emotional day for all of us. Speaking of the House, they will take up a bill to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act law which they have named, probably for the Tea Party folks, “The Job-Killing Health care Plan.” It will pass as a symbolic act of defiance although opposition to it from the “American people” is beginning to wane. I guess they need to get it out of the way before they discuss the out of control “spending” spree. I wonder what will be cut? Defense spending is always a biggie and a sacred cow, but you and I both know it is bloated and sucking money down a rabbit hole that needs to be covered over. Knowing that a lot of folks in Congress get a bushel basket full of money from the defense contractors it will be hard to stem the flow of bucks. Expect “the war on terror” to come up again.

What else happened over the last few days. Oh yeah, the 68th Golden Globes were handed out in Hollywood on Sunday. The first of several self-important awards shows we have to look forward to in 2011. The awards themselves are voted on by approximately 90 people in the foreign press association. Hardly a representation of either the industry or the people. That is probably why “The Tourist” was nominated. I guess the highlight of the show was the host Ricky Gervais who ripped some of the celebs a new one with his jokes. Some of quips were right on and others a little off-base. It sure added to the spectacle though, didn’t it? I always imagine us, the audience to the Globes and the Academy awards, to be pressing our noses against the glass of a fancy gathering inside a hotel while our feet are getting frozen in the snow outside on the curb. The “best” of? Hardly. A little bit of narcissism involved here, don’t you think? And speaking of narcissism, did you happen to catch Sarah Palin’s hard-hitting interview on Hannity last night? A bit self-serving and hollow I would say. Taking absolutely no responsibility for her rhetoric calling it “part of the political process” and that she would not cave to “censorship.” Words like “death panels” or “reload” don’t seem either hyperbolic nor incendiary to her. I know she is a cartoon, but she does have a following and that is what concerns me. I hope sometime in the near future she would allow herself to be questioned by a real journalist on a real news network. Hey, things can change, can’t they? H*O*P*E

and so it goes…