Buckle up

Every two years faces change, rules change, agenda changes in Congress. The rest of us make New Years resolutions that, if you still are holding on to them you are a remarkable person. More power to you. Are you still going to the gym? Have you cut back on the fatty stuff? Yes! Good for you. Keep it up. Make us all proud. You are certainly much better at keeping resolutions that will make you healthier than I am. In the days leading up to the second of November this year and more recently the days leading up to the swearing in of the 112th Congress, a ton of “new” resolutions have been made. How often have we heard, “cut wasteful spending” and “fixing Washington” and stopping “business as usual?” Well, just like previous new years resolutions I wonder how much of this is good intentions and will really last beyond the first few months of 2010. Now that the Republicans have got their tax-cut extension, what’s next? I hope that going backwards and repealing stuff from the last two years is not the only agenda on their plate. If it is, how is this new? How is this helping America’s health (no pun intended)?

I applaud the reading of the Constitution tomorrow in the House. Many house members are sadly ignorant of the powers and freedoms laid out in this seminal document. I hope they are all listening. There is much more to this document than the second amendment (remember the silly question posed to the candidates for RNC chair as an important qualification, “How many guns do you own?”). I think many of them will be surprised by what is in the document. So as new resolution statements are made and an atmosphere of hope floats over the Capitol building lets keep in mind a few basic things for our representatives (those who speak for us) to remember:
Members of Congress- Remember who you work for.

  • Laws recommended need to address the problems we all face collectively as a nation, not just one sector
  • You have a responsibility to address the needs of the voiceless, and the marginalized, the faceless
  • You have a responsibility to the middle class and to address issues that help to re-build this backbone of the greatness that is this country. This means make thoughtful judgements about how laws benefit business at the expensive of the working class.
  • Bring back manufacturing jobs to U.S. soil or penalize corporations that operate here for excessive outsourcing.
  • No more posturing solely for symbolic purposes that do not move the “peoples agenda” forward.

I can only hope that we can move forward as a country knowing that we are not just Tea Partyers, nor just Progressives nor just Fox viewers nor just MSNBC viewers but America viewers. We all have a stake in the movement of this country. Today I will be non-partisan. ( I am heartened by the fact that Glenn Beck will be off WOR in New York next month because of sagging ratings. Rational people are finally catching on to his bogus crazy-talk). Tomorrow I will pick up my New Year’s torch to shine a light into the dark corners of what I think are steps backwards or outlandish and blatant hypocrisy.

and so it goes…