You lookin?

Are you ready for some football? Congress style. Oh yes it will be fun. Speaking of fun-fact, did you know that in spite of Darrell Issa’s (R-CA 49) hyperbolic statement that the President is one of the most corrupt in the history of the universe…then he changed it to the corrupt Obama administration and I think there’s a few more step-downs but I haven’t checked on what he’s saying now…any way Obama’s popularity is twice as high as any member in congress. I always thought he was a socialist and a nazi, that he was leading this republic into the darkness. Go figure. I wonder if the dead birds which fell from the sky and the discovery of thousands of dead fish in Arkansas are heralds of the end times, the future for the next two years or maybe just an indicator of Mike Huckabee’s chances for 2012. Time to dig them subsurface shelters for Armageddon so youse can duck and cover.

Speaking of the Apocalypse…lots on the menu for the new 112th Congress as it takes over on Wednesday. Should be a doozy. They have been chomping at the bit to change Washington with new ideas. It will be different, mostly symbolic, but different. Congressman Joe Walsh (R-Il) will buy his own health care, rejecting the Congress’ health care, and will be sleeping in his office. That is cool. We’ll see how this plays out, but any politician who does not care if he gets re-elected (as Walsh says) is going to be worth watching. Watch for the build up to the “repeal” of the health care reform on the 12th of January which the Republicans call “job-killing health care.” They also call their actions “repeal and replace.” They are great on what they are against, but it is difficult to define what they are for. I wonder what they will replace it with? It doesn’t look like the the repeal will be upheld in the Senate and will certainly get vetoed by the President.

The highly labile Speaker Boehner has proposed a few new rules for the House:

  1. Every bill has to pay for itself without raising taxes (except the repeal of the Health Care law which, if done will cost approximately 140 billion (with a ‘b’).
  2. Every bill must have grounding in the Constitution.
  3. No spending can exceed a limit set by one guy, budget chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI). He will decide, no hearings, no debate, no vote…which makes him a czar. This seems to violate the new rule (above) which states that every new law must have it’s basis in the Constitution. How? There is no mention of a House budget Czar in the Constitution. (after all he is an elected representative, not a presidential appointment.

They will also tackle raising the debt ceiling so we don’t default on our interest payments as a country. Michele Bachmann (R-MN-6) who wants every Republican in the House to vote against it (shutting the government down ala 1995) and blame it all on the Democrats must have missed a math class or two. Republicans are in the majority in the House. So, then, how to explain that to the Tea Party crowd? Again, we’ll see.

So what do the “American People” say about all this spending stuff? Well…a new Vanity Fair/60 Minutes poll out says that 3% say we should cut social security, 4% says to cut medicare and 61% say to tax the very wealthy. Fairness? Dunno…but when the oral reading of the Constitution is finally over, the work begins, maybe they’ll be looking’ at job growth or something…that would be good.

and so it goes…