Give it a try

Without hope there is depression. Without hope there is anger. Without hope there is frustration. Without hope there is confusion. Without hope there is fear. What will you do to help create hope for 2011? Will you be a conduit for the destructive lies of 2010 that people have voiced about the U.S. turning into a socialist country? And freaking people out with images of Hitler and Lenin in the process? Lies and ignorance have pushed this country and some of its people into intellectual internment camps. I hope that changes. If not, you lose, I lose, the country loses. We as progressives need to push back and push back hard at the harsh rhetoric of the religion of “me first” and replace it with an deep understanding of what “We the People…” actually means to us as a nation? Is it wrong to provide people with the opportunity to health as a right and not a privilege? Is it wrong to demand that corporations bring back the jobs they shipped overseas so that our people can be put back to work? Is it wrong for the government to help those who are marginalized and in great need? If you say yes to any of these questions then I wonder if a definition of what patriotism really is may be in order. Freedom is not free. (to paraphrase: the mark of a great nation is not how many bombs they have, but how they care for the most vulnerable of their citizens).

We are a nation of heroes. We lionize the military for putting themselves on the line “for our freedom.” But what about those people who try to help others live the American Dream? How about the teachers? The social workers? The community organizers? Those who quietly work for social justice? Those who go unsung. We need to thank them for their service as much as we thank our soldiers for theirs.

Make a resolution now to balance what you watch on TV. Too much Beck and Fox will continue to dis-inform you. A little Beck and a little Rachel Maddow might help you think. What a concept. You have nothing to lose but ignorance. A new year always brings with it new hopes and that’s one of the things that motivate us to move forward (not backward), constantly progressing, making better what was good. In Genesis we read that God looked on his creation and saw that it was good (not better or best). It is up to all of us collectively to make it better.

and so it goes…