have you seen my meeky

For the past three days or so, I have been looking at a supposedly non-partisan movement called “No-Labels” and have from time to time pulled out what is in their declaration that is appealing to me. I jumped squarely on this band wagon because I liked the idea of working constructively to make America a better place rather than ripping the people we elected a new one and not moving the conversation forward at all. The more I see about this group the more I am wondering. That’s just my nature. When presented with ideas that seem logical and workable, I am usually on board. When I hear labels such as “socialist” and “Nazi” I tend to tack left. Since I like to compare I guess I have noticed that there really isn’t a far left anymore. Oh sure there are folks who are left of center, but not in the extreme as is the usual drivel from right-wing radio and TV. No, really. It seems over the years lefties have seen the value in business and in Wall Street. By comparison, there is the right and there is the extreme ultra right which has the loudest voice. That’s of more concern to me than the U.S.A. going communist. It would be laughable if it weren’t dangerous. These folks think the Reagan era was this country’s recent “golden age.” From what I have read (and lived through) of Reagan’s personality, he was a realist. I honestly believe he would have moved away from the TP if given a chance.

I like the idea of civil discourse. I think it has a future, maybe that’s why CNN abandoned Cross Fire years ago. There’s hope. We need more honesty and less hypocrisy in our discussions. I still don’t get why people start foaming at the mouth about President Obama. He is to the right of FDR and even LBJ, both of whom created huge changes in the way we live, work and retire. So when a group comes along, co-founded by David Frum and preaches tolerance and “take it down a notch” I have to pay attention. I certainly won’t hear this on Fox or talk radio. As E.J. Dionne said recently about the “No Labels” group:

The No Labelers can yet be a constructive force if they remind us of how extreme the right has become and help broker an alliance between the center and the left, the only coalition that can realistically stop an ever more zealous brand of conservatism. But they will have to admit that labels aren’t the real problem. What lies behind them is.

and so it goes...