Harry M. Daugherty and Warren G. Harding

Continuing with a look at the declaration of the “No-Labels” group they address one of my pet peeves, the corrupting influence of money in government. This seems to be at the root of the lot of problems facing honest, caring governing, like Health Insurers killing the “public option.” Buying off politicians sounds like 19th or early 20th century shenanigans. Well, Virginia, it still goes on. The landmark “Citizen’s United” case ruled on by the conservative (label) wing of the Supreme Court has just added to the insanity of unlimited funds being funneled to our elected officials. Money from in and outside the country is flowing through the open door and into the campaigns of all sorts of candidates. Now, honest politicians spend an inordinate amount of the peoples time raising money for the next election run. Is this good for our Republic? I think not. I really want my representatives to (1) listen to what I have to say, they don’t need to agree or cave but need to listen and (2) vote in best interests of the people they represent first. With “special” money flowing into Congress unabated it is no stretch to see how laws are passed and influenced. Where there is a lot of money, there is probably some corruption. Google “Teapot Dome.” But back to the No-Labels declaration:

We Need a Government of the People, By the People [oh yeah, and FOR the people-they forgot that part]

Even though this sounds a little like the TP crowd I think we can all agree that this is really difficult to do in a heavily partisan atmosphere. There seems to be no desire by today’s politicians to appeal to the vast majority of Americans who want real boots-on-the-ground solutions, not extreme rhetoric that only results in grid-lock and continuing finger-pointing. Maybe, just maybe through a civil conversation we can sit down and discuss a better way to handle the obscene way we elect our voices in Washington.

and so it goes….