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I read over the No-Label information on their website and much, not all, appeals to me. As the labels fly fast and furious, getting rid of them unconsciously while working consciously on a positive agenda just may work. Certainly calling Obama a socialist and portraying him as a Nazi is the stuff of a junior high mentality, and playing dress up in revolutionary gear with tea bags hanging from your tri-cornered hat while carrying a semi-automatic weapon is fun, it isn’t very constructive. People really hate being left behind even when they’re not completely sure where they want to go. That’s why the right (a label) enjoys terrifying the people to get on the band wagon to nowhere. Unfortunately there are too many drivers with disparate messages and I can understand why folks instead of calmly finding out the truth (which can take time) immediately jump at the first demagogue (usually the loudest) they hear, and blindly quip “Taxed Enough Already” without acknowledging that they have the lowest taxes in decades already. The message is confusing and it will be a kick to see what happens when the new House convenes in January. I say “kick” as long as the country doesn’t suffer in the process and true Social Justice doesn’t go completely out the window.

Here is one of the No-Label’s rallying points for which common ground can be achieved:

The US must Remain the World’s Premier Economic Power

Debt, debt and more debt. We borrowed to pay for two wars. China owns our shorts as well as the UK, Japan and our bosom buddies Venezuela and Iran (under oil exporters). Yeah, I don’t get it either, but it is fact. Been to WalMart lately to save some money? How about Adidas? Check the labels. Yep, imports. I can remember a time when getting a piece of clothing as an import was a hot topic, now most of “Hot Topic’s” clothing is imported. I think we can all agree that manufacturing would be a great job producer. Damn, when I look out over the Bay and see a new Bay Bridge rising built with Chinese steel floated across the Pacific, I wonder about Allentown, don’t you?

To do this we need a pay as you go scheme, like normal families do. This will require some sacrifice. But if we are all, and I mean all, in this together, then we can like our outsourced Nike friends would say “Just Do It.” A true “yes we can.”

more to come later…watch this space

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