and one more thing

If you caught any of Bernie Sander’s (I-VT) Berniebuster on C-Span today you saw a rare usage of filibuster. In the old days (Mr. Smith Goes to Washington olden days) if a senator had a gripe with a bill he could take the floor and stay there until the bill died quietly or until the senator got a bunch of people on the other side to end the filibuster. Thank Aaron Burr (yes THAT Aaron Burr) for the introduction of the procedure. Just a quick “fun fact” so you can sound intelligent at your evening cocktail hour. (I got this from the L.A. Times btw) Filibuster comes from a Dutch word meaning “pirate.” Pretty cool, huh? So now you know. Anyway, Bernie who calls himself a socialist (oops there goes the red flags all over poor Glenn Beck’s studio set) went on and on about the Walton family, wall street banks that last year were “too big to fail” and now are 46%-130% bigger (the first percentage is Wells Fargo and the last % is BofA).

I’m not sure what I think about the tax bill. It’s not great and probably would add to the deficit on the backs of the middle class…again. Is this the best we can do? The democrats, the party of the “little guy” and need to sit down and try and hammer out an better bill. Holding unemployment insurance hostage is morally reprehensible. Write your senator, representative and tell them how you feel.

and so it goes…