teal bombs? cool

By now you’ve heard that Prince Charles and Camilla’s car was attacked by protesters in London over the hike in college fees. Their Rolls was splattered with paint and the passenger side window was cracked. No one was injured although the face that Camillia gave was priceless. They went on to an evening at the London Palladium in time for the performance. As many of you know, I have little love for the Royals right up there behind the Republicans for pretty much the same types of reasons. The Royals have little contact with the common person (enveloped in their bubble) and the Republicans could care less about the common person.

Today when DADT failed a procedural vote by three votes, I was surprised to hear some of the reasons Joe Manchin (D-WV) gave for his no vote. (After the vote, one Democratic aide said Manchin’s vote was something of a stunt, coming as it did while cloture was sure to fail thanks to Republican opposition.) He said in his defense:

“I do not support its repeal at this time,” he said in the statement. “I would like to make clear that my concern is not with the idea of repealing DADT, but rather an issue of timing.”

I’m not sure what he means by timing. More time to listen to everyone in the armed forces via committee meetings? More time until the economy improve like the increasingly confusing John McCain (R-AZ) just stated. If not now, when? Rather than go into the lengthy research that has been done over the past few years, I encourage you to write your senator and lean on them to vote for repeal of this noxious law.There are no more credible reasons why not. None. When people need to argue from the Bible, you know that don’t have any more arguments.

and so it goes…