Wow, you can see poor people from here

Arguments come and go don’t they. Whatever happened to the discussion about Park 51? Reason I thought about it was yesterday was the anniversary of Pearl Harbor, the ground (water) “zero” for WWII. I also noticed that there are still a couple of Shinto shrines near the harbor, also some Buddhist Temples. Well, I guess time heals all wounds. So the plans have been released to the press on what this Muslim community center would look like a mere 2 blocks from where the World Trade center towers used to be. They look “interesting.” Not quite what I had imagined, but interesting none the less.

Speaking of two blocks from the World Trade Center… yesterday President Obama laid out the tax policy going forward and for most of us progressives we ground our collective teeth. I understand that the Republicans held the unemployment insurance extension hostage causing pain on those who have lost their jobs and are on the very edge of financial ruin. We already know the Republicans could care less about the marginalized as long as the fat cats get “their due.” But the fact of the matter is, it really isn’t “their due” it’s China’s, the UAE, the Saudis and whoever else holds our debt. Everyone with a brain knows that the tax cuts for the upper 2% do not create jobs for the folks who are now depending on unemployment insurance to provide their families a modicum of Christmas cheer. We all know that. And as the government borrows more to pay for these cuts as well as capital gains, we fall deeper into debt to the communists and foreign oil. Somewhere down the line, when the Republicans take hold of the House, a day of reckoning will have to take place. It will hit us later, rather than now. The piper will be paid.

and so it goes…