neither rain nor sleet nor snow
Senate Republicans pledge not to take up any issues, including extending unemployment benefits, until the Bush tax cuts and federal spending bills are sorted out. This is news? They have pulling this kind of crap for the last 4 years (yes, since 1987). Some news outlets were treating this as “Breaking News” as if. What the obstructionists have done is put in writing what we have watched happen. They would rather cater to the top 2% of the richest Americans than extend unemployment benefits for those on the other side of the spectrum. What is freakin’ wrong with this picture? On the one hand they want the Bush tax cuts which aren’t paid for before they vote on extending unemployment benefits (which they want paid for). By most estimates the continuation of these “borrowed” cuts for Americans making 250,000 and above will add 700 b to the deficit. We have seen since the cuts were instituted, no jobs have been created. Unemployment benefits for the most needy of our citizens would cost a whopping 18 billion. You do the math. Give to the rich and starve the poor? Hecka of a job Mitchell. Have we lost it? Do you have an alternative? While the rich sit on their hands and corporations have billions on their books hesitating to invest in jobs, those who’s jobs have been shipped out are out of luck. No money coming in, no money for food, gas, mortage schooling. It is the equivalent of an unemployment “death panel.”

On Morning Joe on MSNBC (if you get up early enough on the West Coast) Mike Barnicle asked Rep. John Shadegg (R-AZ) about the impasse in unemployment benefits. Here’s the exchange:

BARNICLE: What about the fact that unemployment benefits pumped into the economy are an immediate benefit to the economy? Immediate…

SHADEGG: No, they’re not! Unemployed people hire people? Really? I didn’t know that.

BARNICLE: Unemployed people spend money Congressman, ’cause they have no money.

SHADEGG: Aha! So your answer is it’s the spending of money that drives the economy and I don’t think that’s right. It’s the creation of jobs that drives the economy…Actually, the truth is the unemployed will spend as little of that money as they possibly can. Job creators create jobs.

BARNICLE: Have you ever been unemployed? Have you ever been unemployed?

SHADEGG: Yes, I have.

BARNICLE: What did you do with the money? Save it?

And American’s still elect these guys? Where is the outrage from the Tea-Partiers?

and so it goes…